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"Whether you have a specific area giving you pain and need relief or would like an effective training regiment to get in shape or stay in shape, a custom tailored plan with personal attention to your specific needs to accomplish your goal is my goal."
Richard Caldwell
Owner / Postural Alignment Therapy

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    Custom tailored strategies to make your goals happen!
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    Specialized massage therapies to give you relief.
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"I had the dreadful dowagers hump but after seeing Richard for couple of months now going on a year, I ran into an old yoga instructor who said what are you doing your back look so straight? Now I'm standing straiter my posture looks great thanks Richard". Suzy

"I was having a lot of hip pain and was sure that I need a hip surgery. While seeing Richard for postural alignment therapy, he said let's try to see if I can help it and after a couple of treatments my hip pain got less and less. Now I am able to walk my dogs every morning pain free thanks to Richard."
Jim W.    

"I had been suffering from neck pain and shoulder pain for years at a desk job as an insurance adjuster. I tried physical therapy, chiropractors and other massage therapist. The relief I received from Richard the first session, I knew I had found the answer."

"I was having a lot of foot pain and hip pain. Plantar fasciitis. I went to doctors for injections and other therapies just weren't working. I went to see Richard of Postural Alignment Therapy and for the first time, I could walk pain free."